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The Bertie-Hertford Business Hub Is a Local Initiative
For and By Locals

Welcome to the Bertie-Hertford Business Hub

The Bertie-Hertford Business Hub Is a Local Initiative For and By Locals.

Welcome to the Bertie-Hertford Business Hub, a grassroots platform dedicated to bridging the gap between our vibrant local businesses, community members, and those who visit Bertie County or Hertford County. We are an informal initiative, just local people firm in the belief that a thriving local business scene is key to the overall vitality of our community

Forged with Love, Right Here in Bertie County.

Bertie-Hertford Business Hub is more than just a directory; it was born out of love for the region and a passion for community growth. It’s a celebration of our local entrepreneurial spirit, an effort to highlight the diversity and uniqueness of our businesses and a tool for building strong connections within Hertford and Bertie Counties.

Our Mission: Connect, Support, Thrive.

Our mission is simple yet profound: connect citizens and visitors with local businesses, support our homegrown enterprises, and help our community thrive. Whether you’re a resident looking to explore what’s around, a visitor seeking authentic local experiences, or a business owner aiming to increase visibility, the Bertie-Hertford Business Hub is your go-to resource.

Too often, Bertie and Hertford residents purchase goods and services outside their own counties, not realizing the cumulative impact of those tax dollars. Every time a resident spends a dollar in another county, that county benefits. We must break this cycle. 

We seek to help local consumers spend their dollars right here at home by raising the visibility of local businesses in Bertie County and Hertford County. It’s time to do business locally!

Join Our Journey.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we grow and evolve. Explore our directory, discover local gems, and watch as we all contribute to a flourishing Bertie-Hertford County area. Every listing, visit, and connection you make within this directory counts toward creating a brighter, more connected community.

Welcome aboard!

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