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Best restaurants in Windsor, NC

Best restaurants in Windsor, NC

The best places to eat in Bertie County, North Carolina

Have you wondered about the best eateries in Windsor, North Carolina? Supporting local restaurants in Windsor, NC, is more than just enjoying a delicious meal. Rather, it’s about investing in a local town and savoring the unique flavors only a local eatery can provide.

Windsor (and an honorable mention nearby in Aulander) offers various dining options catering to many tastes and preferences. From hearty home-style buffets to cozy cafes and authentic Italian cuisine, these local venues are more than just food. Instead, they are a place of community, personalized service, and the joy of discovering something special right in your backyard.

NOTE: I live locally and have tried the food at each restaurant. However, the review you’ll read today includes the results found in online reviews. No locations listed have persuaded, paid, or compensated me in any way.

It’s also worth mentioning that the contact times and menus listed here can vary. Each Windsor restaurant is a private entity. Their hours have remained the same for years; still, they are subject to change. Check ahead on the Facebook page or website before you pick a spot.

Reasons to Eat at Local Bertie County Restaurants

  1. Community Support: Dining at Windsor restaurants helps support small business owners and contributes to the town economy.
  2. Unique Flavors: Local eateries have generally offered unique dishes and family recipes you won’t find in chain restaurants. Those local restaurants also reflect town culture and traditions.
  3. Personalized Service: Smaller Windsor spots typically provide a more personalized and friendly dining experience.

King Street Windsor

Reviews of  Restaurants in Windsor, NC

Here are the best places to check out while out and about the town.

Heritage House Restaurant

Address: 1303 S King Street, Windsor, NC 27983
Phone Number: (252) 794-4567
Website: Heritage House Restaurant (Facebook page)

Heritage House Restaurant is known around town for a buffet with a wide array of home-style dishes like fried chicken, fish, pork chops, steak, NC barbecue, and meatloaf. In addition to the buffet, they have an extensive comfort food menu. Generous portions and various cakes for dessert after your meal make it a favorite for those seeking hearty, comforting meals. You can learn more about Heritage House Restaurant and Catering on their BHBH listing page.

Ella’s Cafe

Address: 125 S King Street, Windsor, NC 27983
Phone Number: (252) 794-9988
Website: Ella’s (Facebook page)

Ella’s Cafe is a cozy, small venue renowned for its breakfast offerings, including French toast and hash browns. It also has a menu for lunch and dinner and includes daily specials. Despite its modest size, it is well-loved for its great food and friendly atmosphere, making it worth the wait.

Rachel’s Bakery and Cafe

Address: 102 S King Street, Windsor, NC 27983
Phone Number: (252) 794-2362
Website: Rachel’s Bakery and Cafe (Facebook page)

Rachel’s Bakery and Cafe is a local favorite for its quick service and inviting atmosphere. The generously sized sandwiches are standout items, making it an excellent spot for a casual lunch. Be sure to grab a delicious muffin to go!

Lasca’s Italian Restaurant

restaurants in Windsor, NC

Address: 307 W Granville Street, Windsor, NC 27983
Phone Number: (252) 794-1420
Website: Lasca’s (Facebook page)

Lasca’s offers traditional Italian dining. The cozy spot serves dishes like veal and eggplant parmigiana and delicious pizzas and pasta. The cozy ambiance, friendly service, and reasonable prices make it a popular spot in Windsor, NC.


Address: 1727 US Highway 13, Windsor, NC, 27983
Phone Number: (252) 794-5001
Website: Leggett’s

Leggett’s is a scrumptious breakfast and lunch counter. Outside of the town of Windsor in the Buena Vista community, it offers made-to-order burgers, hot sandwiches, and fries. The walk-up counter and plentiful seating means quick, friendly service. The staff greets customers with a smile.

Breaking Bread Family Kitchen

Address: 111 E. Main Street, Aulander, NC
Phone Number: (252) 386-8071
Website: Breaking Bread

Breaking Bread in Aulander is known for its home-style dining experience, which is popular for its cozy feel and hearty meals. Besides having yummy meals, it is “the” meeting spot in the town of Aulander, North Carolina. They have a nice menu with sandwiches, salads, and American homeland favorites like hamburger steak with gravy.

Little Golden Skillet

fried chicken golden skillet

Address: 103 W. Granville Street, Windsor, NC 27983
Phone Number: (252) 794-4211
Website: No official website or Facebook page found

Little Golden Skillet is a great spot Windsor, NC. It’s known for its delicious fried chicken and Southern comfort food. The menu includes crispy, flavorful chicken and fish. It is a frequent go-to for in-town locals seeking satisfying, home-cooked meals.

Spencer’s Snack Bar

Address: 208 W. Granville Street, Windsor, NC 27983
Phone Number: (252) 325-1110
Website: Spencer’s Snack Bar (Facebook page)

Spencer’s Snack Bar is a town of Windsor favorite for its casual dining and classic American fare. The walk-up is praised for its burgers and fries, providing a simple meal. It’s a town go-to for a quick and tasty meal. Grab your shoes and march up to the counter for a quick bite.

King Street and Around Town, Try These Listed Restaurants in Windsor, NC

Dining at local restaurants is a fantastic way to support the local and state economy and foster a sense of community. Each meal you enjoy at these unique and cherished spots satisfies your taste buds and contributes to the livelihood of local business owners and their families. By eating locally, you invest in the culture and economy of Windsor and Aulander, North Carolina.

Check back with the Bertie-Hertford Business Hub for more ways to connect with local businesses and explore the diverse offerings in Bertie and Hertford County. Whether looking for dining recommendations or other services, the Business Hub is your go-to resource for discovering and supporting local enterprises. Let’s continue to celebrate and uplift our local community together!

Disclaimer: The Bertie-Hertford Business Hub is not responsible for operations, closures, or other changes. Please check with each North Carolina-based restaurant for any questions or updates regarding our services and hours of operation.

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