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Planning a trip to Bertie Beach in Merry Hill, North Carolina?

Immerse yourself in Bertie Beach. It offers a distinctive waterfront atmosphere, where a long beach meets the Chowan River, and high bluffs offer stunning views. With facilities and recreation suitable for families and individuals, you can explore all that makes this North Carolina treasure stand out. It offers breathtaking natural landscapes and a dedication to conserving nature. It’s also near attractions tailored for historical tours and other recreation.

What you’ll discover in this article:

  • Bertie Beach, part of the ‘Tall Glass of Water’ project, offers a unique coastal and river landscape mix with high bluffs and a 2,200-foot sandy beach. In the future, the public beach will offer amenities such as ADA ramps, outdoor showers, and picnic areas, ensuring rights for all who want to visit.
  • The TGOW project at Bertie Beach highlights sustainability and conservation efforts through enhanced accessibility and nature-based solutions for beach protection. You’ll also learn about initiatives like wetlands restoration to improve water quality and wildlife habitats.
  • Visitors to Bertie Beach can find a variety of vacation rentals nearby in Merry Hill. Each has unique amenities and local charm, while Bertie County offers rich historical sites.

bertie beach

Exploring Bertie Beach: Plan a Bertie Beach Day

Bertie Beach is an extraordinary retreat. Stretching 2,200 feet beside the Chowan River near Merry Hill offers a distinctive beach-going adventure. Towering bluffs that ascend to 20 feet add an impressive and majestic quality to your day at Bertie Beach.

This riverfront and seaside setting showcases the breathtaking allure of Bertie County’s environment, ensuring that every memory you create at Bertie Beach is truly exceptional.

Beach Amenities Are Underway to Be More Inclusive to the General Public

Are you concerned about comfort? Fear not because Bertie Beach has considered everything. It’s equipped with restrooms and outdoor showers to provide a soothing respite from the warm rays and picnic spots—soon to feature a pavilion perfect for laid-back meals or enchanting dinners at dusk.

Bertie Beach prioritizes opportunities for recreation for children and adults at the property.

Accessibility is no issue at this public beach. Eventually, ADA-compliant ramps and pathways will ensure everyone can enjoy what Bertie Beach offers. Remember to keep yourself hydrated using the various water bottle refill stations that will be within reach throughout the area.

Public Swimming and Recreation for Children and Adults

Bertie Beach isn’t just for lounging in the sun and building beautiful sandcastles. It’s a hub of engaging activities. Feel free to spend time in the water—just be mindful of cliff areas around the property.

If kayaking is more your style, seize the opportunity to navigate along the shoreline at a leisurely rhythm. Bertie Beach ensures that children and families have an enjoyable experience, catering to all preferences.

Tall Glass of Water (TGOW) Project: Preserving Bertie County’s Natural Beauty

The ‘Tall Glass of Water’ (TGOW) initiative reflects Bertie County’s dedication to protecting and celebrating its natural splendor and rich historical roots. This endeavor is integral to the county’s wider efforts to harmonize its ancestral legacy with forward-looking development. The focal points of the TGOW project include safeguarding Bertie County’s picturesque landscapes, historic sites, and crucial waterways while boosting economic growth and tourism prospects.

According to recent news, this strategy goes far beyond mere environmental conservation. It helps create a dynamic local economy by expanding small businesses, creating new job paths for residents, and bringing vitality back into town centers.

bertie beach shelter

Phase I Developments at Bertie Beach

The initial phase of the TGOW project has notably upgraded Bertie Beach, introducing features such as ramps and walkways that adhere to ADA standards alongside extensive parking options. This enhancement markedly boosts the beach area’s accessibility for visitors. Yet there’s more.

A picturesque two-mile hiking trail is also part of the plan, with clear signs providing directions and areas specifically allocated for tent camping. This addition allows guests to engage deeply with nature and provides helpful signs while exploring the site.

Nature-Based Solutions for Beach Protection

The TGOW project implements eco-friendly methods for safeguarding coastal beaches, employing non-chemically treated breakwaters and coir logs, and introducing indigenous vegetation.

These carefully positioned breakwaters form natural sand bars or tombolos that are essential in maintaining the integrity of the Bertie Beach property over time.

At the bottom of cliffs, coir logs are used to:

  • Create a foundation for newly planted cypress saplings
  • Stabilize soil and hinder erosion
  • Reduce the impact of approaching waves
  • Maintain the inherent infrastructure of shorelines

By strategically cultivating native plant life on these bluffs, a biological barrier that efficiently combats shoreline degradation is established.

Wetlands Restoration

The TGOW project’s northern edge features an initiative dedicated to the restoration of wetlands. This endeavor strives to reinstate the area’s original hydrological state and plant populations that existed before agricultural development. The goal is to enhance water quality and establish supportive environments for indigenous wildlife species. Central to these efforts is improving a natural setting around a seasonal stream. This river ultimately feeds into Albemarle Sound.

Proposals are on the table to broaden its educational scope to support visitor engagement in the vicinity of Bertie Beach. These include integrating boardwalks and interpretive elements within pathways crisscrossing the regenerated wetland areas. Provisions will be made for erecting a platform designated for visitors as an information exchange hub and a space where thoughts and comments can be posted, fostering interaction with this transformed ecosystem.

Nearby Vacation Rentals: Your Home Away from Home

After a day of fun in the sun and outdoor activities at Bertie Beach, finding a comfortable spot to unwind and rejuvenate is essential. Fortunately, Bertie County offers a selection of vacation rentals equipped to meet various preferences. These properties may have WiFi, cable television, and kitchens for your convenience.

Looking for a hotel room? Unfortunately, Bertie County lacks hotel or motel accommodations, so most visitors to Bertie Beach are local. Those who travel to Bertie County from other areas to enjoy this public beach usually stay in VRBO rentals or hotel rooms in Edenton, a 10-minute drive from the Bertie Beach site.

Whether you’re searching for accommodations for your visit to Bertie Beach or while you explore the area’s rich history, an ideal vacation property is available to suit your specific needs.

AirBNB Rentals in Merry Hill and Windsor

Consider The River House rental home in Merry Hill as an example of a nearby vacation property. Nestled in the serene atmosphere of a private and quiet country community, this delightful 3-bedroom house is situated overlooking the Chowan River. The Merry Hill location offers easy access to Bertie Beach as well as downtown sights and waterfront experiences in historic Edenton or Windsor. It’s a quiet spot, easily reaching the Bertie Beach site.

This property’s online comments and reviews suggest it delivers exceptional scenery and positioning, making it perfect for those seeking a tranquil place to spend a week or weekend getaway.

Windsor Retreat Vacation Rental

Are you seeking a vacation rental with the ambiance of a resort? Look no further than the Wakelon House, a short drive from Bertie Beach in the countryside near Windsor, North Carolina. Its warmly styled interiors, featuring themes such as neutral, warm colors, promise an extraordinary lodging experience.

Its prime location ensures easy travel to surrounding towns and beaches, adding convenience to your unique stay.

Bertie Beach Day: An Annual Public Event

To reach the public beyond Bertie County, the Board of Commissioners and partners create a special annual event: Bertie Beach Day. It’s a good way to reach out to the local community and bring visitors from outside of Merry Hill to this part of NC.

The day includes lots of family-friendly fun, music, and festivities. Bertie Beach also gives the public a chance to learn more about the history of the site, as well as the Lost Colony excavation happening nearby at the Salmon Creek property.

It’s a really good time. Follow Bertie Beach on Facebook for details on upcoming events, including date/time.

bertie beach

Exploring Bertie County: Beyond Bertie Beach

Bertie County has much to offer besides sunshine and sand.

After visiting Bertie Beach, you can now venture out of Merry Hill and into Bertie County. Nestled in North Carolina’s northeastern Coastal Plain region and founded in 1722, this county boasts a deep-seated cultural heritage from its county seat, Windsor, influential individuals such as Nathaniell Batts, and the indigenous Tuscarora Indians. Bertie County is intricately woven with a rich history dating back to its establishment.

As you drive around Bertie County, you will find many historical road signs explaining the area’s very complex history. These include information about the civil rights movement and the area’s original Indigenous people.

After a day of fun in the sand and sun at the Bertie Beach site, head to the community of Windsor, the county seat, to sit down and enjoy a delicious meal. It’s about fifteen minutes from Bertie Beach, and you’ll find some good eating spots.

Local restaurants in Windsor, NC:

  • The Heritage House | 1303 S. King Street | 252.794.4567
  • Rachel’s Bakery and Cafe | 101 S. King Street | 252.794.1001
  • Ella’s Cafe | 442 US Hwy 13 | 252.794.9533
  • Leggett’s Diner | 1727 US Hwy 13 North 252.794.5001
  • China King | 1108 S. King Street | 252.794.3886
  • Lasca’s Italian Restaurant | 307 W. Granville Street | 252.794.5058
  • Spencer’s Snack Bar | 208 W. Granville Street | 252.325.1110
  • Little Golden Skillet | 103 W. Granville Street | 252.794.3468

Follow these spots on Facebook and check their times. These are authentic, local spots, not chains. Each restaurant sets its own opening/closing time. While there are a few fast food spots, including NC-based Bojangles in Windsor, you can’t beat the warm hospitality you’ll receive at these local eateries.

Bal Gra Road (Directions to Bertie Beach)

How do you find Bal Gra Road? Coming from Windsor on Highway 17, it’s a right-hand turn just before you get to the Edenton bridge. Of course, the opposite is true if coming from Edenton, it’s a left turn. Once on Bal Gra Road, you will turn left to find the public access road to Bertie Beach.

You might feel lost, but as someone who thought I was lost on my first visit, I can assure you that you are in the right place! Bal Gra Road is a long, winding, unpaved road at this time; however, the road materials are well-packed, and you shouldn’t have any issues accessing the site.

NC Coastal Land Trust’s Role

Maintaining Bertie County’s picturesque landscape extends beyond the scope of just the TGOW project. The NC Coastal Land Trust, bolstered by the Bertie County Board of Commissioners backing, is also a key player in protecting lands within the county. By securing two tracts of land that amount to 995 and 300 acres, respectively, they reinforce the commitment made by the Bertie County Board of Commissioners to the TGOW initiative.

Although it is not explicitly stated how much involvement the NC Coastal Land Trust has in directing contributions toward TGOW, their action in acquiring these parcels enhances the county’s overall conservation endeavors.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bertie Beach

Here are some questions people often ask about the Bertie Beach property in Merry Hill, NC (based on Facebook public comments).

What is the Tall Glass of Water (TGOW) project?

Bertie County Board of Commissioners and their partners have launched the TGOW project as a conservation endeavor designed to protect its unique natural environment, historical site, and waterways. To safeguard these resources, the initiative strives to enhance the local economy through diversification and boost tourism by centering on ecological preservation and economic growth.

Partners include the NC Coastal Land Trust and Chowan University. Local news outlets have often featured updates on the progress.

What are the features of Phase I of the TGOW project?

The initial stage of the TGOW project emphasizes developing outdoor recreational facilities and amenities that are accessible to all. It features the construction of ramps compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), pathways, toilets, external showers, a sheltered picnic area, a hiking trail spanning two miles, and areas designated for basic camping.

How is Bertie Beach being protected from erosion?

Nature-based solutions, including using non-pressure treated breakwaters, coir logs, and planting natural vegetation, are being implemented at Bertie Beach to shield it from erosion. These measures contribute to decreasing bluff erosion while preserving the sandy shoreline.

The strategy focuses on utilizing sustainable techniques to safeguard the Bertie Beach property so that future generations will have the rights to enjoy the site.

What is the purpose of the wetlands restoration project at the northern boundary of TGOW?

The aim of the restoration endeavor at TGOW’s northern perimeter is to revive the original hydrology and flora that existed before agricultural development. This will enhance water purity and create environments conducive to indigenous fauna.

In effect, this contributes to reinstating equilibrium within the natural ecosystem.

A Visit to Bertie Beach Is Worth Your Time

This charming riverside beach in North Carolina’s Bertie County transcends the typical beach getaway. Its distinctive riverfront shorelines, extensive planned facilities, and good leisure options ensure a wonderful, fun day.

Wonderful preservation initiatives by the county and the NC Coastal Land Trust are being implemented through projects like TGOW to maintain the area’s natural splendor and cultural heritage.

Beyond its sand, shores, and swimming, Bertie County has a rich history and culture. Are you prepared to embark on an unforgettable journey to the Bertie Beach site?



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