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Small Business Hertford County

Small Business Hertford County

Small business owners in Hertford County are savvy enough to overcome rural community obstacles.

When you are looking to set up a small business, Hertford County, NC, can present a double-edged sword. On one hand, you have little “big box” competition. Sure, there are fast food spots, Wal-Mart, and a single clothing department store in Ahoskie. But you don’t have to deal with those competitors once you get around the county, to Murfreesboro, Winton, or Como. However, you do have to find workarounds for uniquely rural problems, such as the lack of potential customers without broadband services.

I started the Bertie-Hertford Business Hub specifically after I contacted several people seeking a local vendor operating a stump grinding business. A Facebook friend mentioned one person. But when I called the service provider, he was from Pitt County, had a two-week wait for services, and a $400 price tag. The next day, I headed outside to walk my dog and mentioned the dilemma to a neighbor; she quickly recommended a person located in Windsor. I contacted the stump grinding guy the next day; he stopped by to take care of it and charged me around $50 for the same work.

Shopping local matters. Small businesses create more jobs than large companies, and we collect sales tax that’s vital to the growth and stability of our state and counties. Entrepreneurship provides a vital service in each of our communities in Bertie and Hertford Counties.

The Bertie-Hertford Business Hub Mission to Grow Rural NC Small Businesses

Our mission statement and prime directive is short and sweet: Connecting local consumers to local businesses.

In sharing the story about the stump grinding service, several other people agreed. They would save so much money on transportation to Norfolk, Raleigh, or even Greenville and stay home to shop…if they knew what types of small businesses or service providers were available. It’s why we give a free listing in our directory to any local small business.

Highlighting small business owners and their service offerings within Bertie and Hertford County became a grassroots initiative and the Bertie-Hertford Business Hub was born out of that necessity.

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What BHBH Does to Help Consumers Find Small, Local Retail and Service Businesses

The Bertie-Hertford Business Hub is a free service for small business owners. We allow local businesses to set up complete directory listings. This exposure is even more important because many in our local business community have only had internet very recently, thanks to the Fybe buildout around the region. These business owners have some familiarity with digital marketing services, but they have been left behind and under-resourced for decades. It’s currently the year 2024, and of right now we STILL have homes and businesses in our community that lack broadband service.

Some of these who have contacted us for directory placement don’t have a website; they have completely relied on a Facebook page, TikTok, or other social media. The user’s search intent can hinder the growth they can enjoy on social platforms.

In other words, Google-recommended search results display shopping results when someone’s looking to purchase something new. Conversely, they direct users to entertainment sources when someone wants to watch a video. The Bertie-Hertford Business Hub takes care of these SEO requirements for those small business owners who list with us.

SEO? Check. We gotcha covered!

Information You May Include in Your Bertie-Hertford Business Hub Listing

You can make your directory listing as in-depth or as short as you like. However, the more descriptive you are, the more likely Google will notice your contextual, natural use of keywords and mark you as trusted and recommended.

You can include the following info in your BHBH description:

  • Business name
  • Explain what you sell or the service you provide. Be very descriptive, factual, and compelling. This is your chance to make an excellent first impression on the consumer regarding your service.
  • Where are you located, if in-person (you can leave this blank if online only)
  • Year you established your business (Longer length of service to the community shows trustworthiness to the search engines)
  • Do you have a website? Be sure to set the link name in the text—our SEO-optimized directory will send you a hefty infusion of link juice.
  • Share links to your various social media platforms.
  • Upload your logo, photos, and other images that could inspire local NC shoppers to invest their hard-earned dollars on your goods or service.

What BHBH Does to Help Consumers Find Services and Goods

If you are located in Hertford County, thank you for looking for local service providers. We have wonderful shopping hotspots, boutiques, restaurants, and many excellent services. These businesses have been left behind by internet apartheid for far too long.

Whether you shop with small business owners in Bertie or Hertford Co., it’s time to show love to our local NC businesses.

List Your Shop, Restaurant, or Service Business With Bertie-Hertford Business Hub Today

Please grab your free listing, and show your local eastern NC pride to potential consumers. The listing is a free opportunity to show off your service. The BHBH volunteers have contacted many small business owners already, but there are more of us out here than we even know about – which really is the point. It’s time to put those fantastic small service providers and retailers located in Hertford and Bertie Counties under the spotlight so we can all grow together.

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