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18 Things you can do at your local public library (besides reading)

18 Things you can do at your local public library (besides reading)

Your public library goes far beyond books.

A world of discovery awaits beyond the quiet rustle of turning pages. Books are undoubtedly the bread and butter of your public library. But besides reading, you will find many of your library-engaging activities and resources to enrich your mind and spirit.

Let’s acknowledge that not all libraries offer precisely the same services. But it is at least checking in with your public library branch to determine if these things are available at your local branch.

What Can You Do at the Public Library Besides Read?

Elizabeth S Parker Memorial Library

1 – Workshops and Seminars

Enrich your skillset and broaden your horizons through various workshops and seminars. For instance, you might find sessions on financial literacy, digital proficiency, or even creative writing. These sessions provide invaluable personal and professional growth knowledge.

2 – Book Clubs and Discussion Groups

Book clubs and discussion groups allow you to engage in lively discussions, exchange perspectives, and forge connections with fellow book lovers. These gatherings deepen your appreciation for literature and foster intellectual discourse and social interaction.

3 – Access Online Databases

Unlock a treasure trove of information with access to online databases. These databases house a wide range of resources, including academic journals in various fields, historical archives spanning different eras, and research materials on diverse topics. Look into subjects ranging from science and history to literature and beyond, all at your fingertips.

4 – Genealogy Resources

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and trace your familial roots with genealogy resources available at the library. These resources include access to various records, such as birth and death certificates, census data, and immigration records. Uncover your ancestors’ stories and heritage, enriching your understanding of personal history.

5 – Language Learning Programs

Immerse yourself in a world of languages with structured language learning programs tailored to your proficiency level. Whether you’re mastering a new tongue or enhancing existing skills, the library provides a supportive environment for linguistic growth.

hertford county public library

6 – Enjoy the Quiet Space for Reflection

Escape the hustle and bustle of that busy daily routine by seeking solace in the serene surroundings of the library. Whether you need a moment of solitude for introspection or a tranquil space to gather your thoughts, the library offers a peaceful environment conducive to reflection. Take advantage of cozy nooks, comfortable seating, and serene atmospheres to find inner peace and clarity amidst the chaos of the outside world.

7 – Community Service Opportunities

Give back to your community and make a difference by volunteering for literacy programs or assisting in organizing library events. These opportunities benefit others and foster a sense of belonging and civic responsibility.

8 – Computer and Wi-Fi Access

Harness the power of technology for personal and professional endeavors with free computer and Wi-Fi access at the library. Use the computers for job searches, resume building, or online courses to enhance your professional skills. From accessing online resources for personal development to staying connected with friends and family, the library provides essential tools for digital empowerment.

9 – Digital Collection

Explore the library’s digital collection, which includes an array of e-books, audiobooks, and digital magazines. The collection spans various genres, from fiction and nonfiction to self-help and academic resources. Accessible anytime, anywhere, these resources offer endless opportunities for leisure reading and lifelong learning.

10 – Creative Writing Workshops and Poetry Slams

Nurture your creative spirit and sharpen your writing skills in engaging workshops and poetry slams. Whether you’re a budding novelist or a seasoned wordsmith, the library provides a nurturing environment for artistic expression.

hertford county public library

11 – Attend Special Cultural Events

Immerse yourself into different cultures with art exhibitions, film screenings, and music performances hosted by the library. Experience the vibrant diversity of artistic expression and celebrate the human experience through various mediums.

12. Hobbyist Groups and Clubs

Connect with like-minded individuals and indulge your passions in hobbyist groups and clubs. Whether knitting, playing chess, or capturing moments through photography, the library offers a space to pursue your interests and build community.

13 – Academic Resources

Access essential resources for academic success, from textbooks to research materials, to support your educational journey. Whether you’re studying for exams or conducting research, the library provides invaluable support for academic endeavors.

ahoskie public library

14 – Book Signings

Immerse yourself in the world of literature by attending book signings hosted at the library. Meet local authors and have your copy signed. Meeting working writers can help you gain deeper insights into their works straight from the source. These events offer a fantastic opportunity to connect with your favorite writers and celebrate the power of storytelling.

15 – Photocopying Services

Conveniently copy important documents using the library’s photocopying services for personal and professional needs. Whether you’re duplicating resumes or preserving vital records, the library offers a hassle-free solution for document reproduction.

16 – GED Information and Resources

Prepare for the GED exam with comprehensive information and resources available at the library. Whether you’re seeking study materials or guidance, the public library has access to the tools for academic success and advancement.

17 – Storytelling Sessions for Children (and Adults!)

sallie harrell jenkins memorial library

Captivating storytelling sessions and puppet shows ignite the imagination and cultivate literacy skills in children. Sparking a love for reading and storytelling, these events foster creativity and curiosity in young minds.

18. Interlibrary Loan Services

Through interlibrary loan services, you can access a wealth of resources beyond the local collection. Whether it’s rare books or specialized materials, the library facilitates access to a broader range of resources to meet your informational needs.

Bertie County Public Library

Your Local Library – Books and Much More

Your local public library is a place for knowledge, creativity, and personal growth. It offers myriad opportunities for enrichment and discovery, empowering you to take control of your learning journey. The library is essential for lifelong learning and personal growth, from workshops and cultural events to academic resources and beyond. Ready to unlock the treasures that await? Visit your library today and embark on a journey of exploration and empowerment.

And don’t forget to connect with the Bertie-Hertford Business Hub, where we bridge the gap between local consumers, small business owners, and community resources. Together, let’s continue to build a vibrant, thriving community.

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